Perlite, an acidic, glassy volcanic stone contains a certain amount of water trapped in its structure and small amount of crystalline phase (feldspar, quartz etc.), too.

By the effect of a rapid heating up perlite gets into a pyroplastic consistency and the pressure of the water trapped in the structure develops a spatial expansion. The extent of the thermal expansion is varying, depending on the quality of the raw material, the temperature of expansion and residence time in the kiln, between 1:10 to 1:20.

Hungary's first perlite quarry is located in Pálháza. The quarry has been in operation since 1959. The milling, drying and sieving of perlite effects in the preparation plant near to the quarry, according to the demand of the customers. Perlit-92 Ltd. has opened its second mine in 2006, which ensures raw perlite supply for 80 years period. Important developments in the last 5 years:

    - protection of environment
    - mining machinery
    - development of the grinding and sizing works
    - modernization of transport

The "Declaration on Quality Policy" as part of ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System, certified by TÜV CERT, is the basic principle for all activities of Perlite92 Ltd.
Validity of the certificate:  23.11.2021.

Main applications of expanded perlite:

Building industry and high temperature equipment:
- Heat insulation (mortars, plasters, floor screed)
- Noise insulation
- Lightweight constructions - lightweight concretes
- Perlite batts and shaped parts

Food industry:
- Filtering of beer, edible oil, vinegar, syrups

Pharmaceutical industry:
- Filtering of antibiotics

- Amelioration, planting, liquid dung treatment, carrier for plant protection agents

Protection of environment:
- Removal of oil pollutions from water surface, filtering of swimming pools'

Industrial equipment:
- cryogenics, heat insulation;

Paint production, plastic industry:
- filler

Raw perlite is also in use in metallurgy and foundry as binder of molten slag and insulating, covering material.

The applications of perlite are getting continuously more and more versatile. In countries paying special attention to the protection of environment the environmentally friendly perlite replaces artificial materials of similar properties in rapidly growing frequency.

Pharmaceutical industry

Filtering of antibiotics.

Food industry

Filtering of beer, edible oil, vinegar, syrups.

Environment protection

Removal of oil pollutions from water surface, filtering of swimming pools' water.



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